Arabians Pintar
Flash News !
Some days ago we had a gtreat visit of Bukra Photography team from Italy. We are introducing some of the first new shots of our horses we are receiving straight out of the camera - no clipping and no retouched!

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Arabians Pintar

Arabian horses have fiery eyes, their head is adorned with their tousled mane, their character derives out of the stallion’s shriek, his wild breath and despite all that, a very soothing look.

Arabian horses are my dream, my yearning from the childhood days. I grew up with them and they still arise that feeling of playfulness in me, curiosity and folly. They accompany me for all my life. They face me with my fears, with my shyness and the bravery of spirit, they help me overcome my tears and master my sadness. They rise passion and add fire to my love. I see my own existence in them. My wife Sandra, my son Matevž, my daughter Živa, I and our purebred Arabians - are one.

We have eight mares and a stallion living on our ecological farm which extends over ten hectares of land. We produce our own hay from environmentally pure organic meadows.

The noblest base of our herd is excellent broodmares of Polish, Egyptian, and Russian origin. We strive for a typical Arabian type, usability and powerful movements of the horses. We value docile character most and that’s why we match our mares exclusively with exquisite stallions that possess the characteristic.

We try to provide our horses as natural way of living as we can in this modern, civilized world. We put a lot of emphasis on socializing the young, gregarious life, natural horsemanship, amiable attitude towards horses and introducing the »barefoot trim« method which avoids shoeing horses unless necessary.

Until they are three, horses live in an open stable with at least three other foals. Mares, stallions and young horses are well strengthened and adjusted to the local weather conditions, in which summer temperatures rise over 38°C sometimes and in winter they drop to -20°C, because they spend most of their time outdoors. Mares with foils spend all their days and nights from April till November out in the vast pastures. Most of our horses are regularly ridden, except, of course, mares with foals.

We will keep on striving to breed high quality, usable and thoroughbred Arabian horses, which will distinctively express their Arabian type, excellent character and powerful motion.

Gregor Pintar
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